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COVID-19 Precautions

The below guidelines will be enforced. Let's work together to keep baton twirling going! 


  • If your child is in any way ill or has been around someone that tested positive for COVID-19 DO NOT come to class.

  • If you are any member of you family has been exposed to a known COVID-19 positive person DO NOT COME TO CLASS unless you have been self-quarantined for 2 weeks and are symptom free.

  • Upon arrival students should enter through the front door of the studio.

  • Students will have their temperature taken, hands sanitized, and all batons and shoes disinfected. Students will then be escorted to class by staff. DO NOT bring bags. Students & parents must maintain 6 foot distance when arriving and departing. Departing will be out the front door one at a time. Remain in your car or at safe distance until you see doors open.

  • You may bring closed water bottles only. NO WATER FOUNTAIN will be available.

  • No food will be allowed in the studio.

  • Common surfaces will be wiped down after each class.

  • Lobby will be closed to all parents and visitors.

  • DO NOT share batons or supplies.

  • If you child is ill (Cough, runny nose, temperature, sneezing etc) DO NOT COME TO CLASS.

  • Mask are required when entering and exiting the studio and when positions do not allow for 6 feet of distance. They will not be required during the whole practice as they can restrict proper breathing when working out.

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