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North Lake County Recital

16th Annual Baton Recital and Trophy Presentation Saturday, May 14th Where: Mount Dora High School Gymnasium 700 North Highland St Mount Dora, FL 32757 Tavares Elem, Astatula Elem, Treadway Elem and all studio classes( Pre-K, Middle and Elementary)

will arrive dressed and ready to perform at 1pm Show starts at 1:30pm Parade Costume, tights, earrings and baton shoes. Parents: Envelopes and tickets are going out this week! Please do not lose your tickets. All ticket non-refundable. If your child attends ELC...Please make sure you ask her for the envelope. Several of you are willing to purchase tickets at the door: make sure you have cash and your account is current. We will have a list at the door checking accounts. $14 per ticket. Important: All TCDT accounts MUST be current in order to receive your tickets. Go ahead and pay May dues this week so you have no worries this weekend :)) If you have any questions or concerns please email our call our office. We are very excited about our Recital, yayy!!! :)

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